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MFA Digital Art - An Aesthetic of Refraction
"...the background in any image is always another image,..." ( Deleuze, Gilles - 1995 )

Se porter comme le Pont-Neuf


A double edged French phrase which roughly translates as,
to feel resilient or to wear out like the Pont Neuf in a state of perpetual re/de-composition.

Latour et al.,,  Paris: Invisible City, (2004)
The first Pont-Neuf belongs to the real Paris, a mineral frame against which bodies, powerless under the crushing weight of passed determinations, stand out. The second Pont-Neuf participates in the Paris that’s virtual, virtuous, virtuoso, capable for the past two thousand years of renewing itself on site, stone by stone, life after life, passer-by after passer-by. (p. 100)

In a platform for digital thought, Paris, an already-made signifier, is defragmented into multiple parts and flattened alongside Pont Neuf, the cyclical image of a bridge in perpetual decomposition and recomposition. Held by the french phrase Se porter comme le Pont-Neuf, Paris alongside the bridge that is used as a link amongst many other encounters from memory, is dismembered in a virtual espace qualconque (Delueze G. , 1986, p. 155) and visually flattened over an internet browser as an interactive map through writing in text, photographic montage and windows in windows of hypertext:

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